CRAMPFIX was specially developed to be used by cramp-prone football players. Many AFL (Australian Football League) players were frequently suffering from painful muscular cramps during matches, even to the point of sitting out valuable minutes on the sidelines, stretching and massaging their legs, trying vehemently to relieve these cramps as quickly as possible so they could return to the field. In many instances, key players were sidelined, missing valuable on-field time during crucial matches. These players needed something that could provide instant relief, in an easy to use pack to minimise time off-field.

In conjunction with an Australian Rugby Performance Coach, various formulas and packaging variations were trialed and tested on national rugby players. After three years, in 2017, CrampFix was finally perfected and now professional athletes around the world swear by it! 

We are continuing to research and explore innovative ideas to resolve cramping.

“Our mission is to help PEOPLE TO BE their best, reach their goals & to enjoy their LIFE”


Jan M Buchegger – Co-Founder, Managing Director

Jan has 20 years experience in food manufacturing, product development and international relationship building within the FMCG market (fast moving consumer goods), experience dealing with Australia’s major retail chains and building business. Prior to starting CrampFix, Jan successfully built up successful food manufacturing businesses and consumer brands, one of which was recently acquired by a multi national company.

A true entrepreneur who loves a challenge. Jan (pronounced Yarn) is a keen recreational road cyclist & runner who enjoys running marathons in different cities around the world. His goal for 2020 is to run the UTA (Ultra Trail Australia) 50km trail run in the Blue Mountains in Australia!


Michelle K Buchegger – Co-Founder, Marketing & Financial Manager

Michelle has 25 years experience in marketing, brand development and working with national retailers as well as business accounting and financial management. Along with her husband Jan, Michelle was able to build a successful food business and brand which was recently acquired by a multinational.

Michelle also enjoys keeping fit with yoga, reformer pilates, road cycling and running. As far as using CrampFix herself goes, Michelle has found CrampFix to be a great help to maintain the focus and drive needed to complete tough pilates reformer workouts as well as longer runs. Her goal for 2020 is to attempt to run the full Gold Coast Marathon! (TBC)