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This liquid gold has saved a number of races for me now! Within 5 mins of taking it the cramps reduce and are gone completely within 10mins. I’ve experimented with other options including all the traditional electrolyte replacement, nothing has worked for me, except cramp fix.”

– Chris Kane

“I usually do 4 to 5 ultra trail races every year. The distances are usually between 50km to 165km. Every time I do these runs I always take a crampfix at the first sign of cramping up and it keeps the cramp away.”

– Mark Beattie

“Tried it for the first time on an over 4 hour brick session. Works extremely well. Got a cramp towards the end of the bike ride – took a 20ml shot and the cramp was gone in less than a minute. Highly recommend this product”

– Abdul Basit Aijaz

“Have used CrampFix a few times now and WOW what an amazing product!! Got terrible adductor cramps on my last half ironman run so took a shot and cramp gone virtually straight away and no issues for the final 6km!!!! Would highly recommend”

– Thea Davies 

Tried your product for the first time over the weekend when I did my own simulation tri leading up to Mooloolaba 70.3. Absolute game-changer for me, no cramps at all when I usually would suffer, even after I was finished and no pains at all the days following. Super happy to have come across your product.”

– John Burrowes


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Does Magnesium Stop Muscle Cramps?

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Salt vs CrampFix

Salt Tablets vs CrampFix

If you are someone that suffers from muscle cramps frequently or whilst exercising, you would have heard to try a salt tablet to relieve those cramps. Although for some people it might help, for most people they find that having a salt tablet isn't sufficient enough...
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Myths and Facts About Muscle Cramps

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Top 5 Tips to Stay Healthy Whilst Social Distancing

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Nocturnal Leg Cramps

What Causes Nocturnal Cramps and How To Relieve Them

What are Nocturnal Cramps? Night cramps, also known as nocturnal cramps, are involuntary contractions or spasms that commonly occur in your leg, foot, or hand at night time when you are resting. These muscle cramps can last anywhere between a few seconds to several...
Tyler Gauci Q&A

Q&A Tyler Gauci – Mountain Bike Rider & Racer

Q: Tell us about yourself (What sports you do, when did you start, how did you get into it?) My name is Tyler, I am 27 years young and I am a multi-discipline MTB Rider & Racer. I ride a wide variety of trails and events,...

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